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Building A Better Website

This article provides some great web design tips for your new website

ARC Universal as a Liverpool, North-West based SEO and Web design agency specialize in the production and continuous development of your website. As explained in further depth in this article we know that web design is not just building an aesthetically pleasing site. When building a website other considerations must be taken into account other than the aesthetic a few for example are: usability, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing value as well as many other considerations. This article will show you a few of the things we (and you) consider when delving into web design.

Building a better website isn’t too hard if you know what you are doing and have knowledge of the search engines. So let me tell a quick story. Years ago, I worked for someone that made the statement “any dumb***” could build a website.” Well, they were incredibly wrong and somewhat right. With online website builders, you too could be building a better website like Keanu Reeves. But it won’t market you or impact your businesses growth. Websites have to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It’s hard to create something that can be used and works in the mainstream market.

This article provides some really great ways and ideas that should be kept in mind when building your website.  You must read the complete article and learn more about how web design works!

Think about what’s above the fold

If you are not familiar with this term, it’s not surprising and I’ll get into why in a moment. To begin the process of building a better website requires knowing about where the fold is. The main reason you don’t hear about “above the fold” anymore is because of mobile devices. Most people use them rather than a laptop or desktop to use the internet to browse a website. But if your demographic is still using laptop devices to surf the web, then you should still be mindful of it. In fact, it is still there on mobile devices when a site first loads up there as well.

The fold is the area that is first seen upon looking at a website on your device before you scroll down. Most people overcompensate here and want all the options presented. But again that looks like you aren’t sure what’s important, and if you can’t tell, then I can’t either as a user. In short, keep the design simple. Don’t make your users think!

There are a few things that go there that can help your users immediately understand what you do if your business name does not clearly communicate that or your domain.

Your Proposition Value Statement

This is not your mission statement or tagline. This is where you communicate what you can do for your customer who has happened upon your website searching for help. I’ve visited many websites that lacked this to clear up what they do. Are they a SaaS company, or do they sell marketing? Are they an interior designer, or are they a contractor? These missing statements can cause subtle confusion with users looking for someone to help with their problem.

Author: Jason Davis