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Some Tips to Boost the Organic Reach of a Blog Post

Here are some effective tips for you to improve the organic ranking of a blog post

If you own a business and have created its digital presence; meaning that you have started an online marketing campaign, it means that you have already written and published a number of blog posts. The critical and important question here is that, have you been able to attract traffic from your amazing blog posts? Indeed, you may have the quality to write extremely good and great content but all your time, efforts and energy are going to waste if you are unable to attract any traffic to your online business or website. So what is the solution to this huge problem? There are some ways but a great way to achieve your goals and attract traffic is by increasing the organic ranking of your blog posts. Before proceeding on learning how to increase the organic ranking of your blog posts, you need to understand something first; not every blog post that you wrote can be improved in organic ranking and you need to decide and select which blog post should you try to improve in organic ranking, based on a certain criterion. First, perform a quick Google search and search your target keyword to assess the competition around that particular keyword or topic. Then, you will be able to determine which websites are ranking first. If the top positions are filled by high authority websites such as Forbes, New York Times, BBC etc., you may not be able to beat them in the ranking. If you have this in mind, then you need to select a blog which has less competition around its target keyword or topic. This article provides some excellent and effective tips which you can use to improve the organic ranking of a blog post.

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How to boost a blog’s ranking

Now that you have chosen a blog that has the power to rank well, how do you boost your current ranking? To help supercharge your blog’s ranking, follow these 7 tips:

Increase blog ranking with optimization

As a good inbound (or otherwise) marketer, I know this is the most obvious tip when it comes to helping your blog rank organically. At the risk of sounding repetitive I will just list the basics:

  • Keyword optimization – Focus on long-tail keywords, and use your keyword along with synonyms naturally throughout the blog. Do not stuff your blog with keywords!
  • Title optimization – Include your keyword (as far left as possible) in the title, and keep it under 60 characters.
  • Meta description optimization – Include your keyword, keep it under 160 characters and write a clear, engaging description of what your blog is about.
  • URL optimization – Findings show shorter, keyword rich URLs rank higher.
  • Image optimization – Don’t forget your images! Include alt text that includes keywords/ synonyms.
  • Link optimization – Link internally when appropriate and use external links to back up research and help increase the authority of the article.

Increase blog ranking with external links

External linking is something I touched on in Tip #1, but I would like to go into a little more depth. Although Google has somewhat denied that linking externally is a ranking signal, a study done by Reboot shows a correlation between a page’s external (outgoing) links and its search rankings. Since the study positively correlates high authority sites helping a page’s SEO, it’s important to include these links in the blog post you’re trying to boost rankings for.

Increase blog ranking with backlinks from authoritative sites

Keep in mind, backlinks that come from aged domains hold more power than those that come from new domains. For this reason, link outreach to authoritative sites is a great way to boost a blog post’s ranking. There are many ways in which you can get backlinks, but here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Email outreach – Start an email outreach program that targets websites that relate to your blog topic and asks for a backlink.
  • Social sharing outreach – Don’t have the contact information you need for an email? You can reach out to authoritative sites through social & blog commenting or messaging.
  • Guest posting on authoritative industry sites – This may take some email outreach to inquire about guest posting, but is a great way to get a backlink.

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