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Some Instagram Tools That You Need

You need these Instagram tools in order to achieve success

The use of Internet to market business online has become a must need for every entrepreneur in this era. The use of these online platforms, tools and marketing campaigns have really revolutionised business marketing. The use of these tools really support and enhance your marketing campaign and without the use of such tools, you will undoubtedly be left behind. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some very popular social media platforms which have transformed what business marketing used to be. Instagram is a popular social media platform which is primarily used for and is famous for posting different photographs. Marketers are using Instagram to start different conversations with different clients and followers, they are engaging different people by the use of efficient and smart hashtags.

Instagram is being used to post more than 60 million photos daily! Which is a huge number! These photos are followed by more than 1.6 billion likes on a daily basis. It can be observed clearly that Instagram is a gold mine of online marketing and social media marketing. Most of the times, we just overlook the importance of such outstanding facts and then, are unable to fully harness the power of this amazing social media platform. You may already be using Instagram but you may not be utilizing its full potential. This article discusses some Instagram tools which you can use in order to use it more efficiently and effectively.

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Collect and amplify Instagram photos with Yotpo

Yotpo gives you a range of new ways to engage with your Instagram fan community.

No matter how cool your company’s Instagram content may be, consumers don’t always trust brand photos. They trust their peers. Yotpo lets you prove to your followers that actual people love your products by allowing you to curate user-generated content (UGC) that relates to your brand.

As a business owner or marketer, you can use Yotpo’s moderation tools to search for images relevant to your brand and automatically ask the original poster for permission to add their visuals to your collections.

You can then display it on your site – either as a slideshow widget on product pages or on landing pages that include content related to various products.

Save time managing your social media with Buffer

Already a beloved scheduling tool for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media outlets, Buffer has done it again with its new Instagram capabilities.

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to publish photos straight to your account using third-party apps, Buffer will let you pre-write and arrange your posts ahead of time. When it’s time to post, Buffer will send a push notification to your smartphone, which you can then use to automatically migrate the content over to Instagram.

Buffer is even better for teams

Multiple people can contribute to one account, with adjustable permissions for each. With built-in analytics, your marketing team can see exactly which posts have been the most successful and why. Whether you’re a solopreneur or the CEO of a company with thousands of employees, Buffer is a simple tool that works for everyone.

Find and analyze your followers with SocialRank

SocialRank is a great tool for businesses seeking an all-in-one Instagram resource.

First, the program imports your followers, so you can view the most engaged and most valuable alphabetized lists of your followers. Then you can search your followers according to keywords and hashtags to drive better engagement surrounding specific topics.

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