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Some Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

Employ these tips and tools for your e-commerce business

If you own an e-commerce company, you are already aware of the importance of online success in your business. The Internet is an integral part of your business activities. Proper use of social media to achieve successful Social Media Marketing (SMM) can allow you to create very good quality and long lasting relationships with your clients. The basis of your success lies in your efforts; if your plan is strong and organized, you can achieve great success in your business. This article is primarily focused on the use of social media for marketing your e-commerce business and some very easy and effective tips are explained.

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Set Up Social Listening Mechanisms Early on to Stay on Top of Mentions and Responses

The smartest social media business presence is one that acknowledges its audience and converses with them. To know what your audience is thinking and saying about your brand, it is important to have a powerful social listening tool.

Social mention, for instance, lets you watch and measure keywords that you pick (which could be your company’s name). It covers blogs, notes, and even comments so the entirety of social’s landscape. Monitor your mentions and respond to each of them as you would in conversation with a person.

Leverage Social Media Platforms to Extend Effective Customer Care

“Social care” has been extensively spoken about by social media managers everywhere, and in reality, it isn’t something to fear but rather something to be leveraged. People are expressing their anger on social media whether you’re handling social care on there or not, so you might as well be present where the fire is for damage control. You don’t want to leave a negative comment unanswered because other potential clients will see it as negligence on your part.

On the positive side, social care is good for E-commerce companies, because it is quicker. Consider its advantages over doing things via a phone call. If you can train personnel to answer common questions, it’ll take them seconds to type responses on social. If you’re courteous about it, chances are that you can even turn that setback into an advantage like the team has in the following example.

Social care saves you both time and face.

Encourage Social Connections So as to Create More User-Generated Content

Again, a clever way to avoid the need to create your own content. As E-commerce platforms, you are particularly in a good position to use user-generated content, both on your social platforms and on your websites.

Hold selfie contents. Create catchy Twitter hashtags and do quick campaigns around them. You could schedule a week’s worth of Tweets using that hashtag in 30 minutes. Discern a way to make your social connections use the product in a social media share. Plenty of ways to do this.

Encouraging social shares involve some interaction with your social community. Spend 10 minutes a day just saying nice things to people or doing something easy but meaningful to them, and it will come back to you when you least expect it. This phenomenon of investing in relationships on social media is referred to as “social capital” and is mighty valuable.

Author: Disha Dinesh

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