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Expert SEO services Tips for Amazon Sellers

This article provides some great SEO services tips for Amazon sellers

A recent survey was conducted which revealed that more than half of the shoppers in the US, Germany, France and UK use Amazon as a starting point for all purchases. Around 22% of the customers that took the survey said that 22% of the customers that they do not usually look around at other places if whatever they are looking for, is available on Amazon. These stats reveal the dominance of Amazon’s market globally.

Sellers also gather around to Amazon’s market place and since there are plenty of the sellers present at Amazon. The typical Amazon seller from the UK will now find him or herself competing with different sellers from all over the world. There are so many sellers and the competition is fierce. So you need to be creative, smart and make it work for your business. This article provides some of the best optimizing tips for Amazon sellers, which will enable you to sell more.

SEO services are very important these days and works very well for online businesses. Amazon is also like a search engine and so one cannot neglect the importance of SEO services. You need to research and study to understand Amazon’s ranking factors; so that you will be able to put it in front of as much customers as possible, in order to increase your sales. You need to be careful while putting the right keywords and product descriptions to make it work. In addition to that, you also need to make use of the additional keywords that Amazon allows you to add to similar listings.

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Content is king

Unless you’re selling a very niche and unique product, it is likely that you’ll be competing with many other Amazon sellers for that invaluable ‘Add to Cart’ from buyers. The easiest way to differentiate yourself is through your listing. Ask yourself what else you can include to sell your product; are your descriptors accurate and informative? Do they answer everything a customer might want to know about the product? Are you using the right images? Is there enough of them? If you are also signed up for Amazon Vendor Central or Vendor Express, are you taking advantage of the A+ enhanced marketing content you can include for your products? This is your one opportunity to own your buyer’s attention so spend a lot of time getting this right.

Incentivise reviews

Customer reviews can be a powerful marketing tool, on top of being an important seller performance metric. Try to encourage reviews from customers especially reviews including media, product pictures or descriptions of usage. Positive reviews can build trust with prospective customers and are a stamp of credibility when you are still building your profile. Likewise, don’t be disheartened by negative feedback and instead, use it as a way to improve your business. Addressing negative feedback proactively via the marketplace platform will make you look more engaged with customers and more committed to the customer experience.

Author: Renny Popoola

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