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3 Easy Analogies to Understand Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed how the game works. How do SEO, PPC, and Social Media work to form a classic marketing strategy?

Marketing is a fundamental to any business along with Sales, Management, Legal and Compliance. This used to be done by Word-of-mouth, Fliers, Signage, Paper Adverts and Networking. However, the internet now offers new ways of marketing including PPC, CPC, Active Social Media Networking, SEO, Websites, Sales Funnels and Video Marketing. Understandably most people will ask; what is all that stuff and how can it help my business? Check out our explanation of some of the most common digital marketing strategies that we at ARC Universal use every day!


PPC stands for Pay-per-Click and CPC stands for Call-per-click. These paid adverts appear on social media and search engines, generating direct, relevant traffic to your website or telephone line. We liken this to flier drops that are done to target a specific demographic or area. With paid adverts we can achieve the same task more effectively, in less time, for less money.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This includes many on-page and off-page techniques that can be used to help your website get on page 1 of the search engines. We think of this as your digital shop front. When you choose where to locate your shop, you take into account things like rent, footfall, space, parking etc. SEO lets you choose where you shop is located on the internet. This is why websites with SEO outperform non-optimised sites.

Social Media

Networking events are always a favourite of B2B industries. However, this can now be replicated to a more efficient and high-quality standard on the professional networking site LinkedIn. Social Media has also allowed for network type marketing to be employed with B2C industries, making it one of our personal favourite modern digital marketing methods for creating long-term clients.


All of this shows that marketing has not changed in its objective but in its substance. As technology has improved, the difficulty in navigating these various marketing options has increased. However, these improvements have opened up opportunities that can achieve far greater results, for a greatly reduced cost. At ARC Universal we can manage all of these marketing disciplines and drive relevant traffic to your business.


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